The HawkEye Effect Recognized Again for Its Innovative Software

The HawkEye Effect Recognized Again for Its Innovative Software

The HawkEye Effect Partners with Gun-shot Detection Firm, ShotSpotter

Congratulations to our software development partner, The HawkEye Effect, in being recognized for its technical contribution to the winner of the 2018 Best IP Video Surveillance Award*, Milestone Systems.

The HawkEye Effect’s specialized camera software was installed in the city of Hartford’s (CTReal-Time Crime and Data Intelligence Center to augment the effectiveness of the city’s investment in the ShotSpotter™ system (Shotspotter) while enhancing the capabilities of Milestone’s video management system. Here’s how it works:

When ShotSpotter acoustically detects a gunshot, The HawkEye Effect software geo-references the exact coordinates of the incident to instantly activate all positional cameras in closest proximity to the incident to:

  • Monitor ongoing activity
  • Track and record (in real-time) those fleeing the scene
  • Improve situational awareness for first-responders
  • Provide ease-of-retrieval of video forensic evidence to support the investigative process

In the following video, Jeffrey Blair, CEO of The HawkEye Effect, discusses how the company’s software uses geo-spatial positioning coordinates to provide timely, automatic, pre-programmed responses to security incidents. Watch Video.

These technologies together enable security professionals to connect sensor technologies with critical response systems creating a fully integrated, multi-layered approach to security.

To learn more about SixTech System’s enhanced camera management software, please visit our Camera Mangement page.

*American Security Today’s Homeland Security Awards are given to companies in recognition of their innovative solutions to mitigate escalating security threats from home and abroad.

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