HawkEye Effect CEO to speak at Conference

Jeffrey Blair, CEO of The HawkEye Effect, will be a featured presenter at The Construction and Maintenance Institute (CMI) for Criminal Justice Agencies on October 10. Blair's topic: Drone Detection and Defense of Technology. Blair's expertise is in the application of geo-spatial intelligence solutions targeted at the physical security market. His company has developed applications for counter-drone technologies including the HawkEye Aerial Defense System and the HawkEye DroneSpotter. Blair commented, "Correctional facilities are experiencing an increasingly dramatic threat from malicious drones that are being used to drop items like contraband, drugs, weapons and cell phones into prison yards. This activity is not only illegal, it also introduces increased danger to staff and inmates alike. There are effective counter-drone systems commercially available that can help manage this situation."

This will be the second consecutive year Mr. Blair has presented at the CMI - Criminal Justice Agencies Conference regarding the topic of counter-drone solutions for correctional facilities.

HawkEye was a featured speaker at the 2017 and will be a featured speaker at the 2018 Construction Maintenance Institute for Criminal Justice Agencies Conference.

More information on the CMI-CJA can be found here:

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