Security Advisement

Being proactive in implementing a security strategy begins with evaluating the current status of readiness with respect to prevention and response regarding threats. And because the nature and scale of security issues varies widely, each solution, to be effective, must be tailored to a client’s unique objectives. This demands a thorough situational analysis and skilled planning from experienced professionals. Absent of this process, investing in security assets whether the latest technologies or adding security personnel will not yield the desired outcomes with respect to prevention and response. This approach not only wastes precious resources, but significantly increases the potential for loss of property or life, injury and legal liability. Unfortunately, these gaps in security are typically addressed only after an incident has occurred.

SixTech Systems utilizes consultants with military and security experience who will guide you through a step-by-step process of developing a comprehensive security assessment reflective of our key objectives. From this process evolves an actionable strategy to ensure your security concerns are effectively addressed within your budget constraints. We can also actively assist in the implementation of the plan if needed.

Our process is comprised of three discrete steps:

  1. Conduct a thorough situational assessment.
  2. Generate and present findings inclusive of our recommendations.
  3. Assist you (if desired) in the implementation of our recommendations.

We can conduct this process in partnership with your current security provider or independently.

The aforementioned process is designed to address two key areas:

Rediness & Response

  • Perimeter Assessments
  • Site Surveys (interior/exterior)
  • Review of Security Protocols

Security Technology Effectiveness & Strategy

  • Evaluations
  • Establishing Discrete Security Zones w/ Prioritized Responses
  • Determine if current technologies sufficiently support stated objectives and strategies

Here are a few of the industries with which we’ve had recent engagements:

  • Educational Campuses (K-12 and universities)
  • Natural Gas Utilities
  • International Real Estate Development Company
  • Concert/Event Venues
  • Estate Homes/Private Compounds
  • Equipment Yards
  • Municipal Infrastructure (buildings, energy facilities, etc.)
  • Logistics Terminals

We also assist clients in sourcing security products (cameras, scanners, secure routers, etc.) to enable the operational elements of their strategy. Additional information regarding the products we offer is provided within this website.

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