Radar Reinvented - Securing Perimeters in the Commercial Market

Radar Reinvented - Securing Perimeters in the Commercial Market

State-of-the-Art Detection Technology Is Now Affordable

Grand Rapids, MI (July 2019) - SixTech Systems Inc. is pleased to announce it has become an authorized reseller of Echodyne Corp, a company specializing the manufacture of radar systems for non-military perimeter security applications including counter-drone defense.

Radar Reinvented

Radar is a preferred sensor for military and high-value installations globally, but has been unattractive to commercial buyers due to cost, size, weight, and power. Echodyne Corp. has reinvented radar, creating the world’s first small ESA radar sensor, EchoGuard. The EchoGuard radar system generates high-integrity data for integration with central security systems, classifying the object, cueing optical sensors for detailed identification and triggering security response protocols.

EchoGuard is a 3D surveillance radar system that is based on Echodyne’s proprietary Metamaterial Electronically Scanning Array (aka, “MESA”) technology. MESA uses “metamaterials” (engineered, artificial materials with properties not found in nature) to build a new architecture for an all-electronic scanning radar system. This use of metamaterials enabled Echodyne to design and manufacture an ESA with significantly lower: cost, size, weight and power-usage than other radar systems.

The MESA™ technology combined with Echodyne’s smart visualization and control software creates a sensor that intelligently adapts radar capabilities to mission objectives and presents high-integrity data output. It’s the only sensor with the range and accuracy to detect and track multiple targets simultaneously, whether on the perimeter or in the air, in all weather conditions. In addition, EchoGuard features...

  • Affordability - cutting edge radar technology specifically engineered for commercial applications
  • Excellent range and accuracy - scans a large expanse of territory with precision detection and tracking
  • A solid-state form-factor
  • Compact Size - approximates the size of a paperback book and weighs less than 3 lbs.
  • Low power consumption
  • Built for integration with multi-sensor systems
  • Software suite affords calibration-free plug and play integration, digital configurability to accommodate different operators and missions

Radar Solutions for a Layered Counter-Drone Strategy

Echodyne’s EchoGuard MESA™ radar is an essential element in any multi-sensor array strategy designed to respond to unauthorized drone flights. EchoGuard uniquely tracks all objects of interest in a defined airspace. EchoGuard is a compact, solid-state, high performance ESA radar that simultaneously detects, tracks and classifies multiple objects of interest with the accuracy and fidelity of expensive military radar. And… it is commercially priced and ideally suited for counter-drone deployments.

About Echodyne Corp

Echodyne makes revolutionary compact solid-state beam-steering radar sensors for a range of existing and new applications for industry and government. Their high-performance radars are reliable in all lighting, weather conditions, and physical environments. Echodyne combines patented Metamaterial Electronically Scanning Array (MESA™) technology and Acuity™ intelligent radar software to achieve maximum radar performance at commercial price points, often pennies on the dollar for comparable capabilities. Echodyne offers its radars to the Automotive, Perimeter and Border Security, Security Integrator, Airspace Management, UAS Service Suppliers (USS), and commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) industries.

About SixTech Systems, Inc.

SixTech Systems is a provider of innovative perimeter security technologies designed protect people and property against airborne and ground-based threats on a pre-emptive basis. We are the marketing and distribution partner for The Hawkeye Effect, a developer of specialized software solutions for the physical security industry. Partnering with The HawkEye Effect enables us to provide end-user clients, security integrators and security consulting firms with solutions that go beyond traditional approaches to perimeter security “when cameras aren’t enough” to achieve a client’s objectives.

To learn more about Echodyne’s EchoGuard radar solution, please contact us at [email protected] or reach out to us at 616-204-6831.

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