Protecting Your Property With The Right Security Options

Tips on Ensuring End-To-End Perimeter Protection

It is always going to be a challenge to secure large areas with different entry points and extended outer boundaries. End-To-end perimeter protection in such an instance will require a multi-faceted approach. Critical infrastructures need top-notch security.  You need to use state-of-the-art perimeter security devices with a trusted installer. Six Tech Systems is a reliable company that you can rely on. We provide security surveillance for critical infrastructure.

Threat Recognition

This is usually the first step when it comes to guarding against any external threats. A combination of intrusion detection tech and humans can be very effective when it comes to threat recognition. It gives you a head start when dealing with potential intruders. The facility should have the ability to carry out 24-hour surveillance of the property. The weather conditions should not be a hindrance in carrying out the objective. There are some cameras that don’t work well in low-light situations. The best solution would be to go for thermal imaging cameras which are just as effective during the day. A good security company should be able to advise on the best cameras to buy. There are locations where physical presence may not be possible. This could near water bodies or power stations. A good security camera may be enough in such a situation. There needs to be a solution that reduces false alarm since it is a critical infrastructure.

Automated Response Systems

There should be an immediate response once an intrusion has been detected. There needs to be people on standby to respond to emergency situations. The system can also be automated to handle intrusion systematically. You can use a combination of GPS, PTZ cameras, and light sensors to automatically track intruders and to notify the relevant team members. Mapping the automation infrastructure makes it easy for immediate response in case of an intrusion.

Handling Suspicious Activity

This is usually a challenging task because it is always a grey area of what constitutes suspicious activity. The automated systems are set in place so that responders can effectively do their job. One of the most effective ways of deterring suspicious activity is through the use of real-time, two-way audio monitoring. The tactic is usually referred to as “talk-down” by security personnel. The officers are able to see the intruder’s reaction given the commands through the audio channel.

Dispatch and Handle

Once the danger has been identified, the next logical step is to defend the property against the external attack. One of the primary goals of perimeter protection is to stall the intrusion up to when the necessary backup arrives. The intruders can be locked in a given enclosure until the right people are dispatched to deal with him.


End-to-end perimeter protection comes in handy when gathering information. You are able to gather crucial evidence which might come in handy during the prosecution process. 

Choosing A Perimeter Security Company

When you’re ready to upgrade the security of your property, you’ll need experience and expertise in choosing and implementing the right security options. Check out for detailed analysis of perimeter security.

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