LaserGuardian Featured in Perimeter Protection Lineup

LaserGuardian from SICK and The HawkEye Effect utilizes laser-based detection and GPS mapping technology to precisely locate where an intrusion has occurred, and pinpoint it on an overview of the protected site. This enables users to quickly and accurately ascertain the location of an intrusion, thus allowing a faster response.

The system also provides an image stitching. This bring together video sources from absolute positioning PTZ cameras, driven the captured data from the laser scanners to track intruders in real time. Not only does LaserGuardian deliver enhanced visual verification, but it also provides accurate real-time tracking of threats as they pass from the perimeter into the site.

The system creates customised maps in minutes using GPS-style coordinates which are established using the co-ordinates generated by the laser-based devices. The system can operate in all weather conditions, and is simple to configure and use.

The laser measurement sensors make use of high-speed sampling multi-echo technology to capture five measurements for each emitted pulse. Installers and integrators can choose between a field of view of 190 degrees and a coverage pattern of up to 160 meters in diameter, or a field of view of 270 degrees and coverage of up to 80 meters in diameter.

This is a snippet from Benchmark's official article. You can read the entire article here.

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