How to Choose Better Perimeter Security Options

The Important D’s of Perimeter Security

Extending the security perimeter of a building (or other assets) is both science and art.  Effective detection, monitoring and mitigation of potential threats requires a surveillance strategy that leverages today’s security technologies as well as the know-how of experienced security professionals to ensure the system is setup properly to so.  Early detection and precise monitoring of threats not only increases reaction time by a security team, it can also act as an effective deterrent to intrusions.  SixTech Systems offers a suite of solutions specifically designed to augment perimeter security whether the threat emanates from the  ground or the air (i.e, drones), we have state-of-the-art perimeter security solutions that are both practical and affordable.  

Perimeter Security Objectives

Deter Threats

“Security” at the perimeter is typically comprised of a combination of physical barriers (fencing, walls, etc) and monitoring systems (lasers and cameras) intended to prevent breaches/intrusions.  Optimally, a potential intruder would be discouraged from proceeding with an attempted breach whether intimidated by the physical barriers confronting him or out of fear of being caught in the act because of the active surveillance of his actions.  However, unmonitored (“passive”) physical perimeters simply slow the advance of intruder as there’s typically no warning that a breach of the perimeter has taken place.  In contrast, a  monitored physical barrier can be both preemptive as well provide precise information to the security team enabling a timely and appropriate level of response.  In addition, a well-conceived strategic surveillance strategy can allow the perimeter to be open when physical barriers aren’t possible or desirable.  This can be achieved with a perimeter security technology designed with preemptive security as a priority.  

Detecting Threats Early With Precision

Detection is the second step. Early, accurate detection limits false alarms.  Too many false alarms often lead a security staff to begin ignoring the alarm or a disabling the security system altogether.  Either way, the ability to detect and react to threats is severely compromised.  

Threat detection can also be a big challenge if you’re dealing with large areas of open-space. Limiting the false alarms of motion detection on cameras is a known challenge.  In contrast, security lasers are unaffected by the level of daylight or weather conditions and can track an intruder with the highest degree of precision.  Either something is there or isn’t - no false alarms!

Decision-Making and Response

Having an accurate, monitored perimeter tied into your current security system allows for automated procedures to take place.  With the procedures automated, the complicated decision making is left to the security team who are trained to deal with the situation and make adjustments on the fly.  Early, accurate, monitored perimeters result in earlier action in defending the asset.

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