Hawkeye DroneSpotter

Because drone technology is in a continuous state of change, no counter-drone system can ensure 100% effectiveness against “nuisance” drones or those flown with malicious intent. Because the vast majority of drones are piloted via RF signal, RF-based counter-drone systems (such as our HAD System) offer the most effective defense against unwanted flyovers. However, in rare situations where there is no data link to detect between the drone and its controller, an RF-based counter-drone system simply won’t provide detection capability.

To address this condition, a “layered” aerial defense strategy should be considered using advanced video analysis (machine-learning + electro-optical cameras) as a complement to an RF-based system. Our partners at Black River Systems Company (BRSC) have engineered such a solution: the HawkEye DroneSpotter™.  A defense contractor that was founded over 20 years ago, BRSC has extensive real-world experience in detection and tracking. SixTech Systems is the exclusive U.S. distributor for the HawKEye DroneSpotter™.

The HawkEye DroneSpotter™ processing architecture uses sophisticated computer algorithms to generate a deep-learning convolutional neural network to detect drones in real-time using a standard video camera. Applying artificial intelligence, DroneSpotter’s™ database continuously trains itself on various drone images via a classification engine enabling the system to “learn,” thus increasing its detection effectiveness over time.

Drone Dome Protection

Why Consider the HawkEye DroneSpotter™?

  • A cost-effective enhancement to an RF-based system because it utilizes standard video camera technologies, it’s possible to leverage the existing security camera infrastructure of a facility.
  • There’s a high rate of detection with an exceptionally low rate of false alarms in good visibility conditions.
  • Low-cost but effective means to develop a base-line of daytime drone “flyovers” to determine if there is an evolving security threat and if additional security measures are needed.
  • Multiple target recognition is achievable detecting multiple drones simultaneously that flying within the camera’s field of view.

The HawkEye DroneSpotter was specifically designed as a complement to the HAD System, our RF-based counter-drone technology. However, DroneSpotter can be utilized as a standalone solution but has limited effectiveness for the reasons mentioned earlier. Nonetheless, it is an automated and cost-effective means to assess the level and nature of drone-flyover activity surrounding a property or facility.

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