Enhanced Camera Management

HawkEye View

A quantum leap in visual situational intelligence... at an affordable price

  • Go beyond the constraints imposed by standard security camera technologies:
  • Enhanced Situational Awareness
  • Augmented Productivity of Security Staff
  • Shortened “First-responder” reaction times

HawkEye View technology has been integrated into ShotSpotter™ gunshot detection systems in several municipalities. HawkEye View provides police with real-time visual intelligence for the immediate vicinity where a gunshot is detected by a ShotSpotter™ system. This information assists first-responders in anticipating what may confront them at the scene while providing post-incident video footage for forensic purposes.

  • Intuitive Control - “point-and-click” technology
  • Simplifies process of selective monitoring by security operations center team
  • Lowers training costs and operating knowledge needed to monitor areas of interest
  • Shortens incident response times if visual confirmation required
  • Adds greater technological capabilities and flexibility to standard fixed position cameras – at minimal additional cost

In Summary

  • Automated Precision
  • Real-time Situational Intelligence
  • Augments Existing Camera Technology
  • Text-Activated Video Capture
  • Revolutionizes Forensic Searching of Video
  • Integrates with Your Existing Video Management System

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