EchoGuard - Radar Reinvented

Radar Solutions for Securing the Perimeter of Critical Infrastructure

Radar is a preferred sensor for military and high-value installations globally, but unattractive to commercial buyers due to cost, size, weight, and power. Echodyne Corp. has reinvented radar, creating the world’s first small ESA radar sensor, EchoGuard. The EchoGuard radar system generates high-integrity data for integration with central security systems, classifying the object, cueing optical sensors for detailed identification and triggering security response protocols.

EchoGuard is a 3D surveillance radar system that is based on Echodyne’s proprietary Metamaterial Electronically Scanning Array (aka, “MESA”) technology. MESA uses “metamaterials” (engineered, artificial materials with properties not found in nature) to build a new architecture for an all-electronic scanning radar system. This use of metamaterials enabled Echodyne to design and manufacture an ESA with significantly lower: cost, size, weight and power-usage than other radar systems.

The MESA™ technology combined with Echodyne’s smart visualization and control software creates a sensor that intelligently adapts radar capabilities to mission objectives and presents high-integrity data output. It’s the only sensor with the range and accuracy to detect and track multiple targets simultaneously, whether on the perimeter or in the air, in all weather conditions. In addition, EchoGuard features….

  • Affordability – cutting edge radar technology specifically engineered for commercial applications
  • Excellent range and accuracy - scans a large expanse of territory with precision detection and tracking
  • A solid-state form-factor
  • Compact Size - approximates the size of a paperback book and weighs less than 3 lbs.
  • Low power consumption
  • Built for integration with multi-sensor systems
  • Software suite affords calibration-free plug and play integration, digital configurability to accommodate different operators and missions

Visit our Technical Documents page to review the core specifications for the EchoGuard system.

Radar Solutions for a Layered Counter-Drone Strategy

Echodyne’s EchoGuard MESA™ radar is an essential element in any multi-sensor array strategy designed to respond to unauthorized drone flights. EchoGuard uniquely tracks all objects of interest in a defined airspace. EchoGuard is a compact, solid-state, high performance ESA radar that simultaneously detects, tracks and classifies multiple objects of interest with the accuracy and fidelity of expensive military radar. And… it is commercially priced and ideally suited for counter-drone deployments

Two Deployment Options Are Available

Tower Mounting Kit – for hemispherical coverage of fixed installations. The Quad Array solution (four EchoGuard units) for 360° monitored airspace as part of a layered technology counter-drone strategy featuring:

  • All-weather / 24-7-365 vigilance
  • 1km sUAS radical detection range
  • Simultaneous overlapping coverage without the inherent track update delay from rotational radar systems
  • Fully customizable solution that adapts to your site plans and mission requirements.

For more information regarding the key features of the EchoGuard Tower Mounting Kit, please visit our Technical Documents page.

EchoGuard Rapid Deployment Kit ("RDK") – Echodyne’s RDK enables deployment of the EchoGuard technology in a mobile format allowing security teams to quickly establish situational awareness anywhere. The RDK is a fully equipped, man-portable radar field kit. Designed for field use, the EchoGuard RDK can be rapidly deployed to conduct surveillance of large swaths of ground and airspace. Intuitive touch-screen interface on rugged hardware with wired or wireless communications enables the operator to easily configure mission parameters and detect, track and interrogate multiple air, land and marine objects simultaneously with precise geolocation and target metadata.

  • Situational Awareness
  • Vehicles > 3.5km
  • Humans > 2.2km
  • Drones > 900m
  • Setup and operational in five minutes
  • Small enough to fit in a backpack
  • Designed specifically for field applications
  • Weighs 20 lbs. all-in
  • For situations requiring a 360° scan, multiple units can be networked and controlled from the central UI application

Please visit our Techincal Documents page to access the RDK PDF for more detailed information.

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