The exponential growth in drones registered with the FAA in the past two years is both impressive and reason for concern. With over 1,000,000 registered drone operators in the U.S., the probability of misuse of this technology has increased significantly as the FAA incident data demonstrate.

This growing threat is actively being addressed overseas by the U.S. military with various counter-drone solutions. However, many of these technologies are not appropriate for the U.S. civilian market for a number of reasons. In addition, a solution must be as comprehensive as possible to be effective yet be affordable. It also must be highly dynamic to adapt to the rapid and continuous changes in drone technologies that are being introduced to the market at an increasing pace. This adaptability is essential to maintaining an effective defense against nuisance and malicious drones.

Please note: When considering a system to detect the presence of drones in a defined airspace, be certain to understand the laws and regulations pertaining to restricted interactions with this type of aircraft. Read more.

Consider a Layered Strategy

In order to maintain a comprehensive counter-drone solution, a single technology is often not enough. For this reason, SixTech Systems recommends clients consider a combination of RF-based systems, radar and optical technologies.

HawkEye Aerial Defense System (HAD)

HawkEye Aerial Defense System (HAD)