Our Story

SixTech Systems is the U.S. distributor of a suite of specialized software solutions developed by The HawkEye Effect. HawkEye’s forte is creating software that facilitates communication between siloed data-sets enabling an organization to generate actionable information in real-time from disparate internal sources of data.

Many organizations have discovered they are “data-rich” but “information-poor” because they’re unable to effectively find ways to unify and apply high priority data in meaningful ways. HawkEye’s software applications can help unlock the value inherent in the reservoirs of data that reside across an organization but are not actively being used to drive actions. 

More specifically, HawkEye has recently developed interfaces for: video management systems for perimeter security; drone detection software; and warehouse logistics.

Our mission is to develop and support a network of technology-oriented partners throughout the U.S. who are actively pursuing opportunities to introduce innovative security and logistical solutions to expand their client bases and enhance existing client relationships.